Where is Planet Bounce?

The first Planet Bounce is located in Nottingham town centre at The Glasshouse, 153-155 Huntingdon Street, Nottingham NG1 3NL. Our second location is located in Corby at Rockingham Leisure Park, Princewood Road, Corby, Northampton NN17 4AP.

Is it safe?

Safety of our customers is the number 1 priority for Planet Bounce. We are confident that our procedures make the Park one of the safest in the UK. These include:

  • A park specific safety briefing is available whilst you are waiting to enter the inflatable court
  • Compulsory socks for every customer (can be purchased at the park)
  • Trained staff to manage inflatable specific injuries
  • Rules for each area of the park to keep you and other customers safe
  • Lockers available for all belongings – we do not permit any loose articles into the inflatable court area

Is there a size or age limit?

Just about anyone can jump – that’s the great thing about inflatables!
We have Tots session dedicated to tots aged 0- 10 years and their parents. We also have a tots zone available all day for 0-5 years and supervising parents. We also offer Tots parties either during our dedicated tots session or throughout the day in our tots zone.
Our general Jump sessions are open to anyone aged 4+ years… you can even celebrate your birthday in our Jump sessions with our Birthday Parties.
After Dark is dedicated to 12-17 year olds and Inflatology is for anyone aged 18+ years… there really is a session for everyone!

Is there a weight limit?

Based on our inflatable manufacturers safety standards, the weight limit at Planet Bounce is 17.5st.

Do I need to book in advance?

Booking in advance is strongly advisable, especially at weekends. It’s the only way we can guarantee your jump space.

How early do I need to arrive?

All jumpers need to arrive 20-30mins before your jump time. This gives you enough time to check in, place all belongings in a locker and familiarise yourself with the rules of our park.

What should I wear?

Whatever you feel comfortable jumping in. It’s worth bearing in mind that bouncing usually leads to building up a good sweat! Long sleeves may be advised for features such as the Rocket Helter Skelter slide and obstacle course.

Do I have to wear socks?

Yes. For safety reasons, every jumper has to wear their own socks. Socks can be purchased for £1.99 a pair from Planet Bounce if you don’t have your own on already… these are yours to keep.

Are lockers available?

Yes, we provide lockers for all our jumpers. All personal belongings should be locked away – no personal items are to be taken onto the inflatable court area.

Is food available?

Yes, we have an onsite cafe that’s perfect for refueling with drinks and snacks.

Do you offer a group discount?

For groups over 15, there is a 15% discount off the JUMP session Peak price. This is automatically reflected when you book online.

Do you offer Military or NHS discounts?

There is a 15% NHS and Military discount. Proof of ID will be required. The discount only applies to the individual who works for the NHS or Military.

What's your returns policy?

To view our booking terms and conditions, please click here.

Are Birthday Parties suitable for all ages?

We offer Toddler Parties for tots aged 0-10 years in our tots sessions. We also cater for tots parties during our regular JUMP sessions in our dedicated tots Zone for ages 0-5 years.

We also offer Birthday Parties in our JUMP sessions which are suitable for children aged 4+ (please note that we cannot accept any jumpers to our JUMP sessions who are under the age of 4). JUMP sessions run daily from 11/12 every hour, please contact our team for more information.

Click here to access our Party Invitation Download or contact our team on 01159 881 745 for more information.

How much food should I order for a party?

Our pizzas are a medium size and are cut into 8 slices.

We recommend a minimum of 1 pizza per 4 party guests (that’s 2 slices each)… the amount of food you wish to order will depend on the size of appetite of your party guests.

We have a variety of sides available also – please contact our team for more information.

Which areas are suitable for toddlers?

We offer a dedicated tots session every morning from 10am. During this session tots have access to the whole of the park! For safety reasons some areas my be restricted by height.

During PEAK times (school/bank holidays and weekends) Planet Tots runs from 10am until 11am. Visit our Timetable for more information.

During OFF PEAK times (weekdays during Term Time) Planet Tots runs from 10am until 11am and 11am until 12pm. Visit our Timetable for more information.

When our JUMP sessions are running we offer our dedicated TOTS ZONE all day! Please note this area is resticted to ages 0-5 years (and parents). The Main JUMP zone during JUMP sessions will be for 4+ years only and wristbands will be issued in accordance to entrance fee paid for either Tots Zone or Main JUMP zone.

Visit our Planet Tots page to Book.


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